Insurance Replacement Rentals

Deluxe Car & Truck Rentals has rented to thousands of insurance customers over the years. We take pride in our insurance replacement program, offering the best client service after a stressful situation of an accident. Say your car has to go into the repair shop because of an accident, or some other unfortunate event. What are you supposed to drive? Rental Reimbursement coverage takes care of that. This coverage is offered by your auto insurance company. The question of who pays comes up often, and this is where our team takes care of all the headaches for you. We deal directly with all major insurance companies and co-ordinate direct billing. Most insurance companies sell a rental reimbursement product that covers the cost of renting a car after an accident. Drop your vehicle at the shop, Deluxe Car & Truck Rentals can meet you there, or we can deliver the vehicle directly to you. When an insurance company is paying for the rental, they communicate with the shop and us throughout the repair to extend the rental authorization during repair time. Any billing will be finalized with the insurance company.


Take advantage of our competitive rates while your car is undergoing repairs. We seamlessly collaborate with nearly all insurance companies and body shops, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience. 

  • We provide direct billing for qualifying claims. 
  • If your policy covers loss of use, it can extend to rental expenses, generally up to daily and total policy limits. 
  • We will guide you through the entire process 

Scheduling Rentals and Repairs

Reserve your rental on the date you plan to drop your car at the body shop. If your car is unsafe to drive and you need a vehicle immediately, inform us, and we can arrange a ride from home or work.

Extending Your Rental

Repairs might exceed the initially estimated timeframe. Contact us to extend your rental, and if the insurance company is covering the expenses, we will coordinate with the repair shop and adjuster for extensions throughout the repair process.

Completion of Repairs

Once your vehicle is repaired, return the rental to Deluxe Car & Truck Rentals. We can provide transportation to the repair facility upon request.